Steps Needed to Set Up Your ZNAPS Account

Quick, easy and painless.  

To setup ZNAPS several things need to occur to establish the connection between your iMIS Instance and the ZNAPS application. Unfortunately, these cannot be automated which means you need to provide us with temporary access to your iMIS Instance to do these tasks for you.

The tasks are relatively simple.

What Needs to be Done?

  • Create ZNAPS folders for storing content and IQAs
  • Create the ZNAPS standalone panel for storing Snapshot data
  • Populate the panel with some sample data and create a sample dashboard
  • Update the Staff Site Sitemap to include the ZNAPS items
  • Authorise the ZNAPS Application to access your iMIS Instance by creating a “Client Application”
  • Establish the Single Sign On page/content and link this to the Client Application created above
  • Create your first IQA that will return data to ZNAPS – Membership by Type
  • Sign up to ZNAPS and connect your account to your iMIS Instance
  • Define your first Snapshot - linking to the Membership by Type IQA
  • Execute your first Snapshot

There is a flat fee of $300usd for this account establishment work, but it is only payable after you’ve completed a successful 30-day trial.
If you don’t want to continue with ZNAPS, no problem, it won’t cost you a cent.

Create your account now (no credit card needed) to get the ball rolling.
Once your account is created, we’ll get started on the tasks above so that you can start your free trial.

Still not sure?

Give is a call on +64 (4) 282 0875 or email admin@znaps.cloud and we’ll be happy to talk it through.

Loading Historical Data

Snapshots take time to build up a series of data and as such, when first created cannot provide useful trend information. One way to do this from day one is to load the historical data if you have it available.

Loading historical data is unique to each implementation therefore difficult to provide an online solution that will work for all scenarios. We do however have tools for loading historical data. If you would like to have historical data loaded, contact us and we can provide a quote for formatting and loading the data you have. 


Along with the one off $300usd account establishment fee there is also a yearly subscription fee, this depends on how many iMIS users you have. ZNAPS also requires user credentials to login to your iMIS instance to execute the IQAs. This may require an additional iMIS License.


Per Year

    1 - 4 Users 


Per Year

    5 - 12 Users


Per Year

    13 - 20 Users


Per Year

    21 + Users 

All pricing plans are in $USD

See our Terms and Conditions of Use

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  • ZNAPS allows you to automatically create a ‘snapshot’ of the data from your iMIS database! All you need to do is set up an iMIS IQA, associate it with a snapshot definition and let ZNAPS do the rest.

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  • Are you an iMIS Consultant or Solution Provider? If you’re interested in selling and supporting your client’s use of ZNAPS, get in touch at admin@znaps.cloud to find out about our partnership programme.